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Doffing Used Gloves

As simple as it is, there is a proper way to remove (doff) soiled gloves as they should be treated as hazardous. Once completing a task, pinch one glove with the opposite gloved hand up by the wrist on the outside side part of the glove. Pull towards the finger tips until removed. Crumple up removed glove with gloved hand until it is fully into a ball in your palm. Then while continuing to hold the removed glove, slide exposed index and middle finger down the gloved hand forearm until underneath and pinch the glove on the clean side. Gently pull from the inside of the glove towards the fingertips until removed inside out. The first glove should be on the dirty side of the 2nd glove. Dispose into a garbage can. Practicing hand hygiene should occur immediately after removal. Be sure to change gloves frequently after performing especially dirty tasks such as cleaning the bathrooms as to not cross contaminate.

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