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It should go without say how important it is to wear disposable gloves while cleaning your facility. The benefit from use is prohibiting your bare skin from coming in contact with the natural soils that you are trying to clean. They also protect you from the chemicals that you will be dealing with. 

There are three main types of disposable gloves:

Vinyl- Vinyl gloves are made from PVC and are the most cost effective option on the market. However, they do not fit the hand very well and tend to tear easily when stretched.

Latex- Latex gloves are very comfortable, offer great stretch, and protection. However, latex is a known and fairly common allergen.

Nitrile- Nitrile Gloves are the best disposable gloves on the market. They offer the best protection, comfort, and stretch of any glove available. However, they tend to be more expensive than the others.

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