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Gym Floors

Products needed: Neutral Floor Cleaner, wet mop, bucket and wringer, or autoscrubber, 48” or 60” dust mop, lobby broom and dust pan

The first step in cleaning the floors in a large area is to use a wide (48” or 60”) dust mop. The wider the dust mop, the less passes you will have to take to sweep the entire floor. Sweep the debris into a dust pan and dispose of.

We would highly recommend using an autoscrubber for this next step. Fill the autoscrubber with a diluted neutral floor cleaner and proceed to take overlapping passes back and forth throughout the entire gym floor. If an autoscrubber is unavailable, fill the mop bucket with diluted neutral floor cleaner and proceed to mop the entire floor- working in figure 8 motions starting from the furthest point away from the exit. Don’t forget to change your water frequently.

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