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Nutley Bathrooms- Sinks, Urinals, Toilets

Now It’s time to clean the sinks, toilets, and urinals. Starting with the sinks, spray the #3 Renegade into the sink basins, and all surfaces and wipe clean with a red microfiber.

It is important to remember that microfibers should be folded and used on multiple sides. Also, Changing microfibers and gloves frequently is imperative in avoiding cross contamination and protecting yourself from germs. 

Let’s move on to the urinals. Spray the number #3 Renegade on to all exterior and interior porecelin surfaces of the urinal. Use your microfiber to wipe clean the exterior surfaces and your bowl brush or johnny mop for the interior surfaces. 

The process is the same for the toilet bowls. One pro tip is to push your bowl brush down into the toilet bowl drain which forces about an inch of water into the pipe. Doing this will allow you to clean where the water line usually is which is where hard water stains build up. Remember to specifically clean underneath the rim of the bowl which is where bacteria often collects and causes foul odors.

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